Sizes & Portions

We currently offer 3 different sizes of our incredible cheesecakes:


Individual Cheesecake 5cm diameter, 4cm high, 65g weightCatering Cheesecake 8cm diameter, 2cm high, 85g weightParty Cheesecake 20cm diameter, 4cm high, 975g weight
Servings11 - 210 - 16
Diameter50mm / 2"80mm / 3"200mm / 8"
Height40mm / 1.5"20mm / 0.75"40mm / 1.5"
Weight65g / 2.25oz85g / 3oz975g / 2.15lb
SuggestionsPerfect for one person and enough to satisfy a dessert cravingPerfect for 1 or enough to share between 2 (if you're feeling generous).Ideal for large groups or parties

Cake Size Comparison Chart

NB: Sizes are approximate and may vary slightly. Images are for illustration purposes only.