Cheesecake Care

All our cheesecakes are freshly made with the finest quality ingredients and contain no preservatives. This makes them far healthier for you but means they do need to be well looked after and kept at a fairly constant temperature.

We recommend keeping them at 4°C until ready to serve and they typically have a shelf-life of 5-6 days but we always recommend eating them within 48-hours of delivery to ensure you enjoy them at their very best!

If you want to keep them for longer, they can be frozen at -17°C and this should allow them keep for up to 30-days in the freezer. We recommend freezing them on day of delivery if you don't plan to eat them within 24-hours and then transfer them from the freezer (-17°C), back to the fridge (4°C) for at least 4-6 hours prior to serving, depending on the size of cake. Please see below for estimate defrosting times based on the size of your cheesecake:

Once defrosted, DO NOT refreeze.

It is quite normal for some slight crystallisation to appear on the surface of the cheesecakes during the freezing process. This in no way alters the taste, it is just the water molecules freezing and rising to the surface. With the vegan cheesecakes, because they contain no dairy and considerably less moisture, it is also quite normal for some small surface cracks to appear. Again, this is down to the water molecules changing shape during the freezing process.

Cake SizeDefrosting Time in the Fridge
5cm (Individual)4-hours
8cm (Large)6-hours
20cm (Party)10-hours